Online Counselling

Online counseling/psychotherapy is also available through videoconferencing (Skype Id: hispirits1), chat and correspondence. This approach can have many benefits not found in traditional sessions:

  • Your sessions take place where you are most comfortable, in your own home, in your own chair.
  • No travelling, parking or waiting rooms to deal with.
  • Privacy is assured. You may reap the benefits of psychotherapy without creating a medical record in your country which may be a disadvantage in your career and cause other problems.
  • Online sessions are economical. With considerably lower overhead than western clinics are burdened with, it is possible to receive extremely high quality care at much better rates.

Online Treatment

Online patient in California being treated by Dr. Kishore
Evenings in the US are a perfect time for Counselling sessions. It’s morning the next day in Hyderabad.



Nanda kishore conducting an online session through skype.
Dr. Kishore works with an online patient.


Payment options and other details to be provided when contact is made.

“Siddhimind is the power of the mind which helps one achieve success, accomplishment, and perfection in anything one does.”